Interview: deathz0r

1. What's your internet alias (or, what name do you use online)?

2. What's your Doom Connector name (if you don't have one, move on)?

3. How long have you been playing Doom?
Since April 1994, back in the good old Doom v1.1 Registered days. Fun times, they were...

4. How long have you been mapping?
Personally, I'd ask to be more elaborate, but I'll field this question out in detail.

My first attempt to map anything was as early as December 1994 (possibly earlier), but it literally was a pile of mess. It was a one-sector map, with a few vertexes in uhh... odd positions. On the bright side, it had zero bugs. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore, but the earliest attempt I did at mapping that I still have is dated March 1995. Well, it's not really an attempt, just a doom.wad E1M1 "modification", with the dumbest TITLEPIC you could ever imagine. Later attempts to map from scratch had more than one sector, but were all in one room.

My first successful attempt of making a map with more than one room was back in early-1999. I previously did an attempt during mid-1995, but like my very first attempt to map, it's dead and somewhat buried. It sorta worked, but it had a lot of mising textures. Going back on-topic, my first successful attempt was featured on my first ever attempt to make a megawad, titled Extreme Doom 2. It even had a dehacked patch, but I'll go into that later on.

5. What's your preferred map editor(s), and why?
Back in my dumbass days, I was a fan of DeeP (the DOS version =P). I discovered Wadauthor back in December 2000, and I fell in love with it. I've been using it since, but Doom Builder is slowly creeping up to me.

6. Which do you prefer to make, single player/coop or deathmatch levels?
Had you asked me this two years ago, I would of said Single player levels, but nowadays, my answer is now (Team) Deathmatch. If you're wondering why I said that, Single Player levels nowadays have such a really high standard in the community, so I don't even really bother trying to make a serious SP level anymore.

7. What's the best single player/coop map or wad you've ever made?
Serious or joke map? If the answer is serious, then it would have to be... uhh... well, I haven't done a serious map that by my current standards would be great. Joke maps however, either deathz0r Online: The Internet Made Stupid (in-progress), or Doom 2 Tournament 2534. Those are some quality joke maps in my eyes.

8. What's the best deathmatch map or wad you've ever made?
UDM2, easily. Once I've completed UDMTag1 however, my vote will swing towards that direction.

9. What is/are your favorite source port(s), and why?
doom2.exe =P

10. Excluding Doom, what are your favorite video games?
I have a huge list of other games that I love, so I won't go into detail with that.

11. Excluding the weapons in Doom, what would be your weapon of choice?
Anything that doesn't involve sniping or camping.

12. In your opinion, should the BFG9000 be used in Deathmatch games?
Oh god, don't make me answer this in detail... Yes. Anyone who dares to oppose that will be crushed.

13. Have you ever made any weapon replacements?
Yes, go check the next question for further details.

14. Have you ever used an exe editor like DeHackEd? If so, what have you done with it?
Yes! I really love screwing around with Dehacked. My first Dehacked attempt was way back in May 1999 (around that time, to say the least), and it was a "Nazi Ghost". I changed the SS guy to 500 health, partially invisible, floating, and made its death frames to the barrel explosion. That Dehacked patch went on to create my first ever megawad attempt, Extreme Doom 2. It features weapon replacements, such as the "Buster Rocket Launcher", "Super Flamethrower", flamethrower, and automatic super and normal shotguns, amongst the pile of stuff that I screwed around with.

My favourite Dehacked patch that I made would easily have to be the infamous (to my friends anyway) "BFG Fist" patch. Need I say more? =P

However, the best thing I've ever created would have to be the "Clone gun". What it does is that makes a "Clone" of yourself (the Clone itself would replace a monster, getting to even move is the tricky part), and it shoots a railgun (yes, it was for a ZDoom-specific project, see the next question for details or something) at any enemy that attacks it. The only problem was that if it killed you, it would crash ZDoom. I never figured out why it did that...

15. Have you ever made any port-specific (ZDoom only, Legacy only, etc.) levels?
Well, I'd be lying to you if I said no. I've made a whole bunch of ZDoom levels and modifications, a few Skulltag (Single Player, Deathmatch and CTF) levels, a couple of Legacy levels (I've never released them though), a ton of EDGE projects and a test level for Eternity. That's all I can think of at the moment.

I much prefer to do vanilla levels though, since they're the biggest challenge to create. (not overdetailing, stuff like that)

16. What's your opinion on "n00b clans" on Doom Connector (if you don't use it, move on)?

17. Do you have a favorite quote?
Heh, probably the most misunderstood quote in IRC history... (edited to comply with HTML tags)

[Ralphis] gotta go, f*cking mom
[Ralphis] she said i have 25 minutes

18. Do you have a website?
/me pulls out the long list of websites

There, happy? =P

19. What's your favorite color?
Whatever looks good on something.

20. What pisses you off the most?
Dumb questions that people ask.

21. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three things (excluding means of escape) would you bring with you?
1) Ralphis
2) Solar energy panel
3) Two computers, both with network cards

Yeah, I know that's sorta cheating, but hey. =P

Nomad: ...nope. Last I checked a computer isn't a means of escape (unless you're referring to Ralphis...)

22. Which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke?
Dr Pepper.

Nomad: YES!!!

23. Do you know that this is the last question?
What, I can go home now?

24. Do you know that #23 wasn't really the last question?
Damn you, I demand a refund you bastard!

25. Why did you just waste your time answering this survey?
I think the more appropiate question is how I ended up here...

Nomad: Some things will never be explained...