Interview: Ermac

1. What's your internet alias (or, what name do you use online)?

2. What's your Doom Connector name (if you don't have one, move on)?

3. How long have you been playing Doom?
9-10 years

4. How long have you been mapping?
bout 2 months

5. What's your preferred map editor(s), and why?
DeepSea i donno, just seemed easier when i got it,was easy for me to figure out how to work everything, i could never understand wadauthor for some reason

6. Which do you prefer to make, single player/coop or deathmatch levels?
Co-op lets me be more creative with level design and not just place a couple guns and secrets in an arena

7. What's the best single player/coop map or wad you've ever made?
sigh, the only one i have made, the maze level that is for passiton.wad if we are still making that

7b. The PassIt wad project, I heard about that. There are supposed to be some pretty rigid guidelines (lots of monsters, etc.) Is this going to be a major project for you?
possibly, im workin on it with people, also workin on the TOD project, its some weird tc or megawad or soemthin, i donno, i just felt like mappin for it and he said i could join

8. What's the best deathmatch map or wad you've ever made?

9. What is/are your favorite source port(s), and why?
legacy, it just feels like the origional doom, is not laggy sprites (like zdaemon my plasma comes out of my side) just seems like an updated version of doom

10. Excluding Doom, what are your favorite video games?
ehh, alot, cs, battlefield, desert combat, call of duty, kirbys air ride, legacy of kain series, metal gear series, bubble bobble series, ikaruga,donkey kong country, goldeneye,the sonic series, mortal kombat, this list could keep going

11. Excluding the weapons in Doom, what would be your weapon of choice?
sniper rifle

12. In your opinion, should the BFG9000 be used in Deathmatch games?
ya, but not whored with, i hate people who just go strait for the bfg when they spawn

13. Have you ever made any weapon replacements?
nope, i was working on a sound wad a while back and andytran made me some weapons for it, never got finished though

14. Have you ever used an exe editor like DeHackEd? If so, what have you done with it?
ive experimented with whacked just to see what i could do with it, only thing ive ever done with it was made these imps with 1,000,000,000,000 hp or somethin around there and shot fireballs taht did more then enough dammage to kill you with one hit and all u have is a plasma gun that does about 1,000,000 dammage

15. Have you ever made any port-specific (ZDoom only, Legacy only, etc.) levels?
the maze level had some 3d floors in it for legacy

16. What's your opinion on "n00b clans" on Doom Connector (if you don't use it, move on)?
ehh, every game has newb clans, they come, get beatin to death, then disband, its the circle of life

17. Do you have a favorite quote?

18. Do you have a website?

19. What's your favorite color?

20. What pisses you off the most?
people who play xbox

21. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three things (excluding means of escape) would you bring with you?
why would i bring something to be stranded on an island


youl figure it out

Nomad: Cheater.

22. Which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke?
coke, i like the tingley feeling in ur throat that burns
but the drink bawls owns all

23. Do you know that this is the last question?
it isnt

24. Do you know that #23 wasn't really the last question?

Nomad: Meh. Have you people no sense of humor?

25. Why did you just waste your time answering this survey?
i have no life :(