Interview: Makaveli

1. What's your internet alias (or, what name do you use online)?

2. What's your Doom Connector name (if you don't have one, move on)?
Makaveli [<sos>]

3. How long have you been playing Doom?
I used to play doom when it first came out, then my pc crashed and i was pc'less for YEARS. Then, May 25, 2003 i found out about Doom Connector, thats when I played Deathmatch for my first time.

4. How long have you been mapping?
Not long, and Im not that good.

5. What's your preferred map editor(s), and why?
Wadauthor - Linedefs
DoomBuilder - Textures

6. Which do you prefer to make, single player/coop or deathmatch levels?
Cooperative is more fun to make, DM is easier.

7. What's the best single player/coop map or wad you've ever made?
I haven't made a wad that I could give enough credit to include.

8. What's the best deathmatch map or wad you've ever made?

9. What is/are your favorite source port(s), and why?
Zdaemon & Skulltag-=-Deathmatch

10. Excluding Doom, what are your favorite video games?
Unreal Tournament

11. Excluding the weapons in Doom, what would be your weapon of choice?
PSG1 Sniper Rifle with laser sight and Scope

12. In your opinion, should the BFG9000 be used in Deathmatch games?
No. I think people who over-use this like that faggot clan [138] should taken out back and shot.

13. Have you ever made any weapon replacements?
Yes. That is what I do best.

14. Have you ever used an exe editor like DeHackEd? If so, what have you done with it?
I've used Dehacked, WhackEd, WhackEd2, to alter weapon and monster activity

15. Have you ever made any port-specific (ZDoom only, Legacy only, etc.) levels?
No, but I am working on a Zdaemon only weapon mod that will blow them ALL away.

15b. Does that mean it's only for ZDaemon?
Its initially for zdæmon, but hey, if it works for zdoom in the end? woohoo! lol

16. What's your opinion on "n00b clans" on Doom Connector (if you don't use it, move on)?
I hate 'em. They should practice and join a real clan when their skills improve.

17. Do you have a favorite quote?

18. Do you have a website?

19. What's your favorite color?
Black, Red, Silver, White

20. What pisses you off the most?
n00bish-acting people on DC who think they are better than anyone else (clan 138) and ppl who think
they can mod better than me.

21. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three things (excluding means of escape) would you bring with you?
SSG for sure lol, a couple pounds of dope, and a motor boat. lol i know i know....defeats the purpose but..meh

22. Which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke?
I'll drink em both, i prefer beer though, make it either Budweiser or Canadian

23. Do you know that this is the last question?
It isn't, im looking at another one below it.

24. Do you know that #23 wasn't really the last question?
Yes, and i see another one, genius.

25. Why did you just waste your time answering this survey?
Because my good friend NetNomad requested and made me die during a game to ask me to do this survey, i wasn't gonna just die for no reason. lol peace.

Nomad: You HAD to bring that up again...