Interview: The Net Nomad

0. First off, do you realize that you're interviewing yourself?
Screw you.

1. What's your internet alias (or, what name do you use online)?
The Net Nomad, in most places.

2. What's your Doom Connector name (if you don't have one, move on)?

3. How long have you been playing Doom?
Since the very first version, with nearsighted graphics and wonderful PC speaker sound. Those were the days, they were.

4. How long have you been mapping?
Geeze, it's been almost a year, now, hasn't it? I guess that's not very long, but it's been fun...

5. What's your preferred map editor(s), and why?
WadAuthor, hands down. I never could figure out other editors... most of them required you to build individual lines and hook them up into sectors, as if you knew how to refrence them. Eventually I learned that in WadAuthor... but my point is, they tend to expect you to figure this stuff out on your own. WadAuthor is easy enough for n00bs, but it covers pretty much everything.

On a side note, I use Wintex 5.0 for lump management (graphics, music, etc.)

6. Which do you prefer to make, single player/coop or deathmatch levels?
My prefrence is single player and coop. Good SP/coop levels often take more time and effort, but also tend to be more rewarding.

7. What's the best single player/coop map or wad you've ever made?
That would be the megawad I'm working on, Tower of WAR. I was relatively new when I started building it, but I've learned a lot... and IMO it will kick ass... anyway, its demo is available here on the site and in the public archives as well.

8. What's the best deathmatch map or wad you've ever made?
I haven't actually released any... I made one called ReactorDM, and several people on DC have played it... but that would be my best DM work, methinks.

9. What is/are your favorite source port(s), and why?
My favorite source port is ZDoom. Simple, cool, but not GL. For online play though, it's Legacy for me. However, Legacy doesn't have as many features and its GL mode sucks (as most GL modes do).

10. Excluding Doom, what are your favorite video games?
Meh... that's actually a hard one. Depends on what I happen to find lying around. :)

11. Excluding the weapons in Doom, what would be your weapon of choice?
That's actually an easier one. Ever played Starfox Adventures? The staff pwnz!
Failing that, I'll go with my patented Exploding Random Small Animal Launcher, or E.R.S.A.L.

12. In your opinion, should the BFG9000 be used in Deathmatch games?
Yes. However, it shouldn't be abused. I hate BFG whores as much as I do BFG whiners.

13. Have you ever made any weapon replacements?
Yes and no... I made a BFG modification called the Flash Blaster. Yellow, half-size, BFG sprites. Naturally, it came with a DeHackEd patch. Which reminds me, I should upload it here...

14. Have you ever used an exe editor like DeHackEd? If so, what have you done with it?
Ah, DeHackEd is a fun one. I have a patch for Tower of WAR which changes level names, creates "green key" messages, and adds new story text. Besides that, I created the deh that goes with the Flash Blaster.

15. Have you ever made any port-specific (ZDoom only, Legacy only, etc.) levels?
Again, yes and no. Tower of WAR contains a special piece of data called MAPINFO, which sets special data used by ZDoom. This includes level names, end-of-level story text, scrolling skies, and level par times. Also, I've done one or two Legacy-only levels, but never released them yet. One is the ReactorDM I mentioned above; another is a level currently called "3Dcastle" for Heretic.

16. What's your opinion on "n00b clans" on Doom Connector (if you don't use it, move on)?
I personally believe if you're going to start a clan, you need (a:) a reason to form it, (b:) a commitment to it, and (c:) something to show for it. In other words, I don't believe in clans that were formed just so their members can pretend they're cool by beating other clans (which is rare anyway). I feel the same way about being in more than one clan, as well... but that's discussed in the FAQ I wrote.

17. Do you have a favorite quote?
I guess you could say I have a few... forced to pick one, I'd say "Respect my Authori-tah!" by the great Eric Cartman (that's south park, for the culturally challenged). I sometimes say it after making a kill in DM, or doing something suicidal in coop. A second one: "Stupidity is not a valid language, so stop using it!"

18. Do you have a website?
Several, you could say. This one, for one thing, although it belongs to the whole clan. I have a personal server I set up on Tripod, which has all my wads as well as some other random crap. It can be found here.

18b. Wait, that site only used to contain Tower of WAR info...
Yes, I can magically update my own interview whenever I feel like it. ph34r.

19. What's your favorite color?
Blue, Green, or something in-between. I was feeling rather "dark green" today...

20. What pisses you off the most?
Heh heh, I actually have a list. I've recently created a page on my personal server for this list, and why these things piss me off. Click here and behold how right I am! :-P

21. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three things (excluding means of escape) would you bring with you?
Heh. I'm not really gonna answer this one... I just included it to see the creative answers you all would come up with.

21b. Are you saying YOU don't have any?
Yep. That's exactly what I'm saying.

22. Which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke?
Pepsi pwnz Coke.
Dr. Pepper pwnz all.
This is the sacred truth, and if you disagree I shall smite you with the ethereal pwn-ness of Dr. Pepper.
So there.

23. Do you know that this is the last question?
Woohoo! I can go watch TV now.

24. Do you know that #23 wasn't really the last question?
What!? Damn me!!

25. Why did you just waste your time answering this survey?
Because the alternative was homework.