Take this interview/survey
    If you want to take this survey, you MUST be a mapper... however, you don't have to be in our clan. Experience is preferred, as experienced mappers tend to give very interesting answers! ;-)
    To take the survey, download the text file below to your computer. Fill out every question by writing your answer under it, but don't go on to the next one until you're done with the first (you cheaters!). Then email it to me, The Net Nomad, and I'll post it here.
    The rules: obviously, you should not diss specific people or groups of people in your answers... if you send me something like that I will ask you to revise your answer(s), or not post it at all. Also, excessive swearing (or heavily offensive words or phrases) is not allowed; this is because I'm not sure of Tripod's policy on this stuff, and I'd rather play it safe lest we suddenly get TOS'ed for something one of our interviewees posted.
    You should understand that I may make comments from time to time, or ask you one or two follow-up questions about any of your answers I found particularly interesting.
    That's about it...
Download interview.txt