Older News
Update: July 14, 2004 by MegaZzZeux
     As most have already seen, the clan tag has changed from [ORB] to (ORB).
     One day when I was just screwing with my tag, I happened to do (*ORB*), which actually had the look of "ORB", took our clan near the top of the DC list, as well as USUALLY keeping the whole clan together. The members page has been updated.

Note from Nomad:
     Just a reminder, the clan will officially be one year old this Saturday. So be online, you slackers. XD

Update: May 31, 2004 by NetNomad
     A few badly-needed updates to various pages have been uploaded. We have several new members since the last page... sorry I took so long guys, but I had other stuff to work on. Which brings me to the next topic:
     Several ORB members, myself included, are currently involved in the mapping of a Coop Megawad by the folks on Doom Connector. I added an entry on the projects page to list those of us involved. The project is headed by Mr. Rocket, who has dedicated a board on his forum for discussion about the project. Head on over and take a look if you like... we are still in need of a few mappers. The project is for the members of Doom Connector however, so don't bother if you don't use DC. It's not an ORB-only project... if you're a mapper and you use DC, head on over and check it out! :-)
    Finally: since we have a lot of documented updates now, I put up an old news section. Whoo.
Update: March 3, 2004 by NetNomad
     Today marks the "official" branching out of Clan ORB to the Skulltag servers. Since several of us already go there, we figure it would be best if they at least knew who we were.
     Our "base of operations" is still Doom Connector, since nor MegaZzZeux or myself go to Skulltag often enough to cover all the potential new people from there. Thus, our advisors (who happen to go there) are the people to talk to about joining; they'll refer you to us and we'll set up something. On a side note, we have appointed [=ORB=]ermac as our third advisor. Congrats to you, Ermac. :-)
     This covers IDE as well. But since IDE also includes ZDaemon, we'd reccomend that no one... er, spread notice of us too much. ZDaemon's fanbase isn't exactly what we're looking for in ORB (if you ever go to their forums, you know what I mean).
     The appropriate info and questions have been added to the FAQ.
     Second: Doom Connector returns! Yes, all you have to do is re-create your account to start using it again.
     Finally... I registered an image-hosting account at photobucket.com. Its purpose is to host the avatar images for the forum. Some of them are still a little to big, though... I'm working on it. :-/
Update: February 27, 2004 by NetNomad
     I wouldn't be making such an update, but I sort of have to. I added a new board to the forums tonight... a news board that will have posts of every documented update to the main site. This way members can comment on them, and feedback = good. :-)
     On a side note, I added "sign the guestbook" to the top-section of the main page. The thing never gets used. C'mon people, we'd at least like to know who came (only sign once, though).
Update: January 31, 2004 by NetNomad
     Woohoo... I finally registered a forum that doesn't suck! Go me. Its link is now on the members section page. Also, the members entry page and the FAQ got a few much-needed updates.

Update: October 31, 2003 by NetNomad
     Happy Halloween. Muahahaha...
     I managed to put up an "interviews" section. If you want to be in that section, you need not be an ORB member... but you DO need to be a mapper. Check it out below.

Update: October 2, 2003 by NetNomad
     Added another page, and I don't know why I didn't add this one before: a links page. Has a couple general Doom links and some member site links.
     I also put up some much-needed changes to the members page, the join page, and the members-only area. We have a real forum now (not that old thing that nobody posts on), thanks to [OFoD]Dagger.

Update: August 28, 2003 by NetNomad
     Whee, first documented update to this site! Somebody oughta throw a party. Maybe...
     We've decided on a sort of FAQ... one that will display our thoughts on Doom, the clan, and playing online. Also this FAQ answers common questions that we don't care to say over and over again. ;-)