Current Projects

    Here's what's in store for ORB's future releases.
    NOTE: Not all the projects for every member are on this page. Without an actual database (which I don't know how to create yet), keeping track of everyone's projects and subprojects is next to impossible. Also, some members have their own websites to host their projects.

Tower of WAR
Author: The Net Nomad
Storm the headquarters of an evil and corrupt corporation who plans to mass-produce demon creatures in an attempt at world domination. This megawad includes new levels, music, graphics and sprites. A DeHackEd Patch and a special ZDoom info lump provide extra features. ToW is currently ORB's largest project.

To see more information about Tower of WAR, including features, storyline, and screenshots, visit its subsite here.

UPDATE: Beta-testers needed for this wad! If you wish to test, please contact me via email or DC message.

3 Steps of Hell:
Author: MegaZzZeux
A Remake of "3 Steps Of Hell" Which I released July 22, 2003. After playing through the original 3 Steps for over a year now, I realized I need to remake it, WITHOUT the major "n00b" mistakes. (Of course, there will probably be some left)

The Tyruin Project
Author: RoneKyakone
On a distant world called Tyruin, there once lived a great people.  Long ago, they fought a great war against invaders from the heavens.  They battled fiercely to repel the attack, but their efforts were in vain.  As a last resort, the people of Tyruin created a portal and channeled their power to seal their enemy within it.  Fearing that somehow their foes would escape the gateway, the entire race fled the planet, leaving it deserted.  Centuries passed.  Then one day mankind discovered Tyruin.  Research began at once on the ruins they found.  The problem was...they had no idea of the horrors imprisoned there…

But they were about to find out.

Marathon Trilogy
Author: Sgt. McCain
[No project data]

Legacy Coop Megawad
Mr. Rocket


This is a megawad project built by several members of Clan ORB and the rest of the community. It specifically uses the Legacy port, adding features like 3D flooring and colored lights. FraggleScript is included but limited to subtle uses.

For specific information on this project, visit the project forum here (not part of this site; forum is run by ~X~).

Legacy of Malice
Members involved:


This project will have a small team of people working on it. In this wad you will take the role of a malice warrior, one of the highest ranks in hell. The time period will stretch from before Doom 1, to after Doom 2.

(For the official thread on ZDoom forums, go here)