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    Welcome to the Clan ORB web site. This is a clan of players and mappers with an emphasis on good single-player and cooperative levels. We do just about anything and everything, except for "wars" or structured DM matches with other clans. We have existed as a clan for over ten months now, meeting on Doom Connector and occasionally on Skulltag servers.
    If you are interested in joining the clan, contact The Net Nomad or MegaZzZeux. Be sure to read the information on the join page first, though. Even if you're not interested in joining, stay awhile... look at and download our slowly growing selection of Doom maps. Oh, and sign the guestbook!
Update: May 27, 2005 by NetNomad
     Okay, here we are... as you may have heard, Doom Connector is shutting down... tonight in fact, as I hear. I'm going to tell you exactly what we'll be doing, and one thing we won't be doing.
     Clan ORB will not die with Doom Connector. Be sure you understand this. We have leads to a new program for launching Legacy games... but in the mean time, a DC-esque program called Skulltag Online is coming out. We will meet on STO until we find a workable solution for Legacy, after which we will use both programs. Visit skulltag.com for more information on STO.
     Second: people have been leaving the clan because "we don't do anything," according to them, and that they assumed ORB would die with DC. Several members are now in other clans. I won't deny it; this is a mess. But I'm back now, if you didn't know... I have a lot of crap to deal with right now, even after school is over, but I'm going to be able to focus on the clan again, as well. So here's the deal... despite the fact that we don't usually re-admit someone after they leave (at least not without a bit less trust), we are (or I am at least) looking at this quite leniently. Nobody really knew what was gonna happen after DC, and that's why I put off updating the site until now. Former clan members: I'd like to invite you all back in... there's still fun to be had, folks, and now we have new programs to do it with. Talk to me whever you like... on DC (during the time it has left), AIM, email, or STO after it's released. Hope to hear from you. :)
     Bottom line: we're carrying over to STO... so when STO is released, be sure to include your current clan tag in your username! :D

Update: December 7, 2004 by NetNomad
     Technically, it's the eighth, but I don't care. :-P
     I just wanted to note that we are most definitely not dead, even though we haven't had anything major to report on. A lot of us are still around, but only briefly. I won't go into the details, but ask them yourself if you like. We've all had lives to attend to recently, but we aren't going anywhere... so don't worry about it. ;-)
     I'm sure the projects page has some slight rot to it right about now... it's hard to keep that one accurate, ya know. But I fixed the members page tonight.

Update: August 25, 2004 by NetNomad
     A few page updates today. The members page has been updated, and Mr. Rocket has become an inactive member. I won't discuss the reasons in depth here, but find me sometime and I'll fill you in if you want. Also... the clan password will soon change, due to a related issue (which I'll also tell you about if you ask). When we decide, you can expect a DC message from me with the new pass.

Update: July 17, 2004 by NetNomad
     If you didn't know, today marks the first "birthday" of Clan ORB. Sorry this may not have been so clear... it took me until about last Tuesday to piece together the memory clues myself (I had forgotten the exact day). But it's today. We've had a DC room up for most of the day, and most likely we're gonna have some big coop play later tonight. So what're you reading this for, get on DC you slackers! :)

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