Join Clan ORB

    So you want to join this clan? That's cool...
    ORB is a clan who believes that making good SP and Co-op levels is like an art. Therefore, we are looking mainly for co-op mappers to join the clan, although there's nothing wrong with the occasional deathmatch level. Excessive experience is not necessary (but is always appreciated!). In return, we will host (and beta-test) any wad you make.
    Mappers aren't the only people who can join, though. Read the FAQ for details on what we're looking for.

    Joining the clan is, sadly, a bit more complicated than it used to be, but it's still no big thing. First off, you should talk to either [*ORB*]NetNomad or [*ORB*]MegaZzZeux on Doom Connector, directly or in message form. Usually what we do is, one of us creates an ORB Clan Room, unlocked. Find it and enter it to talk to us directly.
    If you play mainly on Skulltag, look around for one of our advisors... they'll tell you how you can contact us.
    If we ask you any questions, it will mostly be why you want to join us, do you have any mapping experience, etc... after that, we may want to play a game or two with you. It could be one of our own wads, or a wad you made that you want to test, or just the normal levels. Besides that, that's all there is to it. When one of us asks for the info at the bottom of this page, you're pretty much in.


    These are the guidelines (or rules) that you should follow while in the clan. We didn't use to have real guidelines, but necessity has presented itself over the past couple of months. Most of this stuff shouldn't be a problem for you, but take a look anyway:
Clan members should sign on to Doom Connector regularly... by that we mean, get on every so often, if only to check with us. We'd actually like for you to get on, because otherwise why are you in this clan? We remove people from the members page if their Doom Connector accounts are deleted (meaning they haven't logged on in 31 days). Skulltag users are cool with us, but we do require you to HAVE Doom Connector as well.
Members must follow the courtesy rules of cooperative play. They are laid out in the FAQ.
Members cannot join other clans. Multiclanning (or being in more than one clan) is silly and serves no purpose, and is frowned upon by most of DC. This is explained in detail in the FAQ.

    Once we tell you you can join, please send the following information to this address:

Your internet name or alias
Your current or proposed WAD project, if any
Your favorite SP/Co-op WAD
Your favorite Deathmatch WAD
Your favorite weapon
Your favorite Doom enemy

    If you wish to have an avatar, please attach it to your email. If you have made wads before, it would also be a very good idea to send us a copy of some of your work, as well!